An end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) sensoring platform to build smart and connected environments based on intelligent sensoring solutions

View details of an asset on a dashboard.
Sensoring platform

Smart and connected environments

Envisense is an end-to-end solution, from sensors to insights. The platform connects various sensors using communication networks like Sigfox, LoRa, 3G, Wifi, meshing, ... to a cloud-based software solution. The platform gives you vertical-specific insights that matter for your business.

A noise sensor is installed on the roof of this building.

Transforming data into valuable insights

The Envisense platform allows you to capture sensor-information like temperature, humidity, noise, waste-level, parking occupation, ... We transform this data into valuable insights on the one hand, but also allow you to be notified when specific events occur via our intelligent rules & notification system.

"Open architecture from the ground up"

Our Internet of Things Sensoring Platform connects and manages sensors, devices and assets effortlessly so you can focus on your business's value-adding activities. We are an open* system existing out of hardware and software as we don't believe in the fact that one single solution can rule the world.

* Envisense is completly open for 3rd party integrations based on out open GraphQL API.



Business rules

Open API*

Realtime insights


View details of an asset on a dashboard.
Use cases

Use-case driven solutions

Envisense delivers insights to data that matters for your
business. We focus on different vertical specific solutions

Sensors to send information to Envisense

Tracking of non-powered assets using energy efficient communication

Sensors to send information to Envisense

Insights into environmental parameters like temperature, humidty, noise, air quality, …

Sensors to send information to Envisense

Detection of wireless signatures from smartphones (Wi-Fi or Bluetooth) or manual checkin actions

Sensors to send information to Envisense

Generic button interface or I/O contact to send alerts, sms, email or any other generic action

Sensors to send information to Envisense

Wireless traffic flow measurement, parking availability and ANPR numberplate recognition

This waste bin sends the fill level to Envisense

Measurements based on wireless ultrasonic sensors